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Taking the stress out of travel planning
Personal Project: Escape Travel

This project is a personal one (with a fictional name), derived from a blog post I wrote, expressing frustration about the utility of travel websites.  In this creative exploration, I reimagine a completely different experience that is focused on the consumer/user needs vs. the industry’s business goals.

My Role: UX & UI Designer
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A man searching flights on his phone and a woman on vacation
A man looking at a website on his phone
Mockup: Booking Landing Page
A woman on a safari vacation
Mockup: Explore Landing Page
Choose Your Experience
A split homepage

Implementing a split homepage allows users to choose how they want to engage with the site. Unlike most travel sites, where users are shoehorned down the booking path, the split homepage affords users a choice–book their travel plans or explore and discover travel experiences.

A man booking plans on a phone and a woman on a safari vacation

If users know where and when they want to travel, they can start down the booking path by choosing a hotel, flight or vacation.


If users are unsure of where and when they want to travel—just here to browse and start planning a future trip, they can go down the exploration path.

Booking vacations
A frictionless and more enjoyable process, no matter if you're browsing or booking
Browse by theme

While travel planning by theme isn’t a new concept, the principal difference between most travel sites and Escape Travel is that the themes are based on relatable/common occasions like girls trips, last minute travel, family vacations, solo trips, etc.

Animation of user selecting two vacation themes on a mobile device
Animation of user switching from flight search screen to booking module on a mobile device
Quick switching between bookings

On most travel sites, once the user has selected a booking type (i.e., hotel, flight, vacation), they’re usually led to convert without the ability to easily switch. Escape Travel allows users to jump between hotels, flights, and vacations no matter where they are in the site experience.

Two women in the pool overlooking the mountains

Personalize your experiences

Users that choose to explore begin by completing a short questionnaire that will present results based on their needs and tastes

Image of continents, where would you like to go
Image of vacation excursions, what would you like to do
Image of amenities, what is important to you
Image of accommodations, where would you like to stay

Robust filtering

Filter on hotels results pages are easy to find and more expansive, enabling users to be more precise in narrowing down accommodation recommendations

Filtering options atop a photo of a swanky hotel with patrons eating by the pool
Filtering options atop a photo of a swanky hotel with patrons eating by the pool

Better hotel details

The hotel details pages are designed to be both visually striking and purposeful, providing valuable information and features to assist users in the decision-making process.

Full width image of the featured hotel property exterior

Vibrant, full-width hero

A full width, visually arresting photo of the property exterior (or interior) grabs the user's attention and invites them in to read the content below

A description of the hotel property and a static carousel of the property amenities

Extensive property amenities

Property specific details (i.e., check in/out times, resort fees, pet-friendly, happy hours, onsite entertainment options, etc.) leverage colorful photography and are prominently displayed, making them easy to find

Photo gallery still of featured hotel

Immersive photo gallery

A large multimedia gallery enables users to get a realistic look at the property, enabling them to visualize their stay and entice them to book

Hotel insider tips and property information

Know before you go

Key information about the property goes here—i.e. onsite Covid-19 testing, pool closures, resort shuttle schedule, etc.

An image of a static map with Google map features

Around the neighborhood

An interactive map, displaying attractions in the vicinity (i.e., restaurants, coffee shops, gas stations, bars, etc.) that may be of interests upon arrival

Sample user reviews

Recent Verified Reviews

The most current reviews from verified guests. Users can also filter reviews by the type of guest (i.e., solo traveler, couple, business traveler, etc.).

User-friendly flight listings

Flight listing pages have ample whitespace, allowing users to scan flights quickly

Snapshot of airline flight listing arrival and departures
Departure & arrival toggle

Users can more easily book round-trip flights by toggling between departure and arrival flights without leaving the listings page

Snapshot of airline seat map
Real-time seat availability

Oftentimes seat availability and assignments are only accessible after booking, here, users can see what seats are available in real-time before booking. Similar to event ticket websites, users can also select a seat and hold it within a 15 minute window.

Snapshot of aggregate airline site
Aggregate travel site resources

In addition to the main airline carrier sites, users can also search for flights from a variety of aggregate sites like Kayak and Expedia

Snapshot of airline layover details
Clear layover details

Layover information is notoriously unclear, but here, users can  view all of the pertinent details of a layover, alleviating anxiety between flights

Snapshot of airline onboard amenities
Book in-flight amenities

Users can plainly see what amenities are available. They can also compare amenities between aircrafts and prepay for wi-fi or meals prior to boarding.

Snapshot of airline miles
Manage your miles

Viewing, managing, and redeeming accumulated miles is unnecessarily complicated, but here,  it’s super simple. Users can see the miles value of the flight and can either redeem them when checking out.

Dynamic planning boards

From brochures, to posters and advertisements, expertly designed print marketing materials leave a lasting impression and can help attract more customers to your business

A Pinterest style board with vacation imagery and content
See the mobile prototype
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