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graphic design.

Uniquely crafted and memorable marketing pieces help to tell (and sell) your brand story. Those brands who have well designed collateral are true standouts. From brochures, to posters, advertisements and book covers, I expertly design print pieces that leave a lasting impression. Below are a few examples of  my work.

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Soles for Sale

A book cover I designed that tells the story of corporate profiteering off of the urban drug epidemic of the 80s. The shoe is meant to be a manifestation of a human ‘soul’ in a state of purgatory, showing the juxtaposition of heaven (illustrated by the faint halo above) and hell (the narcotic powder below). I incorporated symbols of American currency in the sole and intentionally added splattered blood over the shoe to convey the concept of ‘blood money’; that this money is an ill-gotten gain, both in the boardroom and on the proverbial block.

Book cover featuring bloody sneaker and a halo atop a gritty city landscape
Vertus Benefits brochure design

Vertus Benefits

A B2B brochure I designed for a global employee benefit management company. On the heels of the company’s rebrand (which I also designed), this brochure was meant to reintroduce Vertus to perspective clients. I leveraged the ‘V’ shape and the angle of the logo throughout the layout to reinforce the new look.

Multiple Clients

Various advertisements I’ve created for client promotional events

Promotional flyer of art patrons
Promotional flyer of music artists
Promotional flyer of SGRho suits and stilettos event

Rewards Network

As Creative Director at Rewards Network (a dining loyalty company), I partnered with the Social Media Manager and Lead Copywriter to create a white paper report for the 9th Annual Fast Casual Summit—the purpose was reveal how consumer behavior drives dining decisions and to generate qualified leads.  In bringing the data to life and making the information more digestible, I designed the report in a highly visual format that would encourage the audience to engage.

Cover of the dining rewards and ratings report
Slide featuring an Illustration of a plate, fork and knife
Slide featuring an Illustrations of different types of dining occasions
Slide featuring an Illustration of star ratings and influence
Slide speaking to dining experience driving ratings and repeat visits
Slide featuring an Illustration of ratings and reasons for repeat dines
Slide featuring an Illustration of ratings and reviews
Slide featuring an Illustration of chat bubbles with customer feedback inside
Slide that speaks to rewards and consumer motivation
Slide featuring an Illustration of money and a credit card
Slide that speaks to dining data needing to drive business decisions
Slide featuring an Illustration of how the Rewards Network program works
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