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Having both given and created my fair share of presentations, I know that well-designed decks not only enhance the messaging, but also keep audiences engaged—highly visual presentations are both effective and memorable. Below are a few examples of decks I’ve designed over the years. Note—all of the examples below were originally created in Keynote, but I’ve recreated in Figma for easier viewing.

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m2057 by Maria Pinto

Maria Pinto is a renowned contemporary American designer and artist who creates beautiful fashion with a modern, urban edge. I was tapped to work with Maria and design this business pitch deck for investors.

Presentation slide of model looking directly at camera with m2057 logo atop
Presentation slide of Maria and her bio
Presentation slide of influential customers Michelle Obama, Marcia Gay Harden
 and Oprah Winfrey
Presentation slide of model posing with yellow dress and large graphic belt

Rewards Network

A strategy deck I designed during my time as Director of Creative, presented during an all hands company meeting, discussing the growth goals of the company.

Presentation slide of arrows pointing upward-Strategic goals title
Presentation slide of increasing membership number goals
Presentation slide of goals statement
Presentation slide of locations on a map

Fire Engine Red

In pitching a prospective agency client, I redesigned their existing brand deck. While the opportunity to work together didn’t emerge, I loved the new creative direction and decided to feature it in my portfolio.

Presentation slide cover with logo and agency branding
Presentation slide with quote from client
Presentation slide of the agency's DNA
Presentation slide with quote from client
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