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Below is a small sampling of infographics and data visualizations I've designed and/or creative directed for various clients as an ACD at iCrossing. While visually appealing, these unique brand assets were developed as a part of a larger content distribution strategy to increase engagement across social media channels, and in some cases, internal communications.

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Bank of America

An educational series of infographics designed for Bank of America that centers around being smart with money and credit.

Infographic about money basics

Money 101

Role: Creative Director and Designer

Educates teenagers about the basics of responsible money management, encouraging them to adopt healthy financial habits at a young age, which will serve them well in the future.

Infographic about the history of money

5,000 Years of Money

Role: Creative Director and Designer

The evolution of money, specifically, the impact of technology and new innovations on society’s relationship with money from the first sightings of currency to the present day.

Infographic about borrowing money

Basics of Borrowing Cash

Role: Creative Director and Designer

The pros and cons of cash advances; whether this option is right for you, what you should know and how repayments are made.

Infographic about how to read your credit report

Reading Your Credit Report

Role: Creative Director and Designer

Explains how to read your credit report—detailing each section, how to correct errors, and also gives tips on improving your overall score.

Ally Bank

Infographics designed for Ally Bank’s social media channels, centered around wise investments

Infographic of daily fees for everyday things that add up

Stop the Nonsense

Role: Creative Director and Designer

A look at mystery fees that consumers have been taxed with for daily activities and services. This infographic shows how these fees have become commonplace across various industries, not just banking.

Infographic that explains ATM fees

ATM Fees: A 7.1B Industry

Role: Creative Director and Designer

A sobering look at the profits being made from out-of- network ATM fees at the consumer’s expense and what that means for your wallet.

Federal Mogul Autoparts

A series of infographics designed for Federal Mogul’s blog, meant to help garage owners ramp up their digital customer acquisition by leveraging email, social media, SEO, and websites to grow their businesses.

Infographic on how to create effective promotional emails

Emails That Customers Will Read

Role: Designer

Advice for auto shop owners on how to create promotional emails that will appeal to customers.

Infographic with tips for auto shops on using social media feedback to drive new business

Social Media: Modern Day Suggestion Box

Role: Designer

Tips for auto shops on using social media feedback to drive new business.

Infographic of how social media can help to get new customers

Get Social to Get More Sales

Role: Designer

An overview of the most popular social media channels and how auto shop owners/managers can leverage them to get new customers.

Infographic of what makes a great website for business

What Makes a Website Good?

Role: Designer

Essential things to know about creating a website that not only looks good, but is optimized for search and keeps customers engaged.

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