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Establishing the look of a new fitness brand
Client: NiKnack Marketing

“Elite Fitness” (name and logo changed due to an NDA) goes beyond personal training, encouraging clients to take care of themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. Their mission is to promote healthy lifestyles for lasting fitness and overall wellness. For this engagement, I created a visual identity that reflects the company’s mission and client’s personal aesthetic.

My Role: Designer
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Elite Fitness branded emails and merchandise
BRand Vision
Living clean, going hard & staying focused

While the Elite Fitness brand skews more towards women 24-44, it is an inclusive community of people who are dedicated to living their healthiest lives. Focused on not just personal training, Elite Fitness encourages mental, emotional, and nutritional balance. It was essential to convey these attributes in the visual representation of the brand, specifically in social media (where the brand would be most active) and other digital marketing channels. Photography would be key—placing an emphasis on target demographics engaging in wellness activities with lasting fitness, confidence and perseverance as the driving narrative.

A woman checking her watch after a run outdoors
Two women working out and laughing
A woman drinking a green smoothie
A mockup of Elite Fitness instagram pageA mockup of Elite Fitness instagram stories
Mockups: Instagram page branding and stories templates
A woman wearing an Elite Fitness  branded hoodieA woman wearing an Elite Fitness  branded hoodie
Logo explorations
Making a mark in the health and wellness space

As previously noted, Elite Fitness is a substitute name for the actual brand name which is under a non-disclosure agreement—the logos here are adaptations of what was presented to the client. Although adaptations, they are still representative of the client’s requirements: a chic, clean, bold, and ownable logomark that would not only present well in social channels, but would be equally as striking on merchandise.

Elite Fitness logos
Rows of kettlebells with the Elite Fitness logo atop
A woman lifting weights wearing Elite Fitness merchandise
A wall sign in a gym with the Elite Fitness brand, surrounded by equipmentA wall sign in a gym with the Elite Fitness brand, surrounded by equipment
A font sampleA font sample
Font selections

Lemon Milk was chosen as the primary font for its character and uniqueness. It compliments the logo and is primarily used in headlines. Quicksand was chosen as the secondary font because of its fresh and modern feel; it's used in copy and complementary to Lemon Milk.

Color Palette
A color palette grid
color selections

Black and white were chosen as the brand primary colors. At the two most extreme ends of the color spectrum, the combination evokes a feeling of confidence and strength. The secondary colors provide a bit of levity to the brand, enabling versatility in marketing channels, wellness products/services.

Elite Fitness branded merchandise
Elite Fitness cover featuring a woman's back lifting weights
Elite Fitness manifesto
Elite Fitness mission, vision and ambition
Elite Fitness messaging
Elite Fitness logo guidelines
Elite Fitness logo guidelines
Elite Fitness secondary color palette
Elite Fitness primary color guidelines
Elite Fitness primary font Lemon Milk
Elite Fitness primary font Quicksand
Elite Fitness photography specifications
Elite Fitness symbol and icon guidelines
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